Second Chance Education Candidates:
Mary Nandala, Nuru Nandutu, Justin Makhame, Shamim Kakayi
Profile: Shamim Kakai

Shamim, aged 25, is from Shikhuyu Village in the Bududa district in Uganda. She is from a family of six siblings, two girls and four boys. She has a five year old son named Bashir Karamaga, and currently lives with her parents.

Shamim’s mother wanted to give her an opportunity that she didn’t have, so she left the family to work in Nairobi, Kenya as a domestic worker in order to afford school fees. But her efforts were not enough. Due to the family’s financial hardship, her parents decided to pay school fees for her older brothers. Although Shamim had already completed tenth grade, she stayed home and saw her dreams of becoming a doctor come to an end. In desperation she chose the only way out that was available to her — marrying a man who promised to send her back to school. This didn’t happen. Her spouse married another wife and sent her away. She returned to live at home with her parents but again fell prey to another man who promised to pay for her schooling. She enrolled in a nursing program, but the man began assaulting her, and Shamim once again returned to live with her parents.

Shamim was determined to change her life and came to PDI to seek help. After learning of her plight and her potential, they offered her a volunteer position as an office assistant to regain her self-esteem. The Second Chance Education Project is giving Shamim an opportunity to start rebuilding her life, offering her an education free from dependency on exploitative men.

Shamim is studying to be a nurse, with the goal of opening her own clinic or pharmacy to help others in her community.