In 2005, a small group of women who went to Trafalgar School for Girls in Montreal planned
their 20th high school reunion. Many of them
had not seen each other in two decades,
and despite the fact that they lived in different
cities in the US and Canada, they soon realized
that together they could accomplish a lot more
than planning an event. Since they attended an
all girls school, it didn't take long to decide on
their cause. They decided to fundraise each year
for a new project in support of girls' education.
They began asking for small donations from
many people and started to make a big difference.
And that's how Forgirlsake was born.

Forgirlsake Board Members
Alisia Grenville (Doha, Qatar)
Anne Tinsley (Irvington, NY)
Fern Karsh (Toronto)
Jean Publicover (Boston)
Linda Kessler (Toronto)
Patrizia Cappelli (Ottawa)
Sheryl Stotland (Doha, Qatar)
Stephanie Zelman (Boston)

Forgirlsake Founders
Patrizia Cappelli (Ottawa)
Leslie Kaufman (Toronto)
Linda Kessler (Toronto)
Andrea Mandel-Campbell (Toronto)
Michèle Mani (Toronto)
Jessica Mosher (Toronto)
Christina Nacos (New York)
Vivian Sallai (Montreal)
Sheryl Stotland (Norwich, VT)
Anne Tinsley (Irvington, NY)
Stephanie Zelman (Boston)

Forgirlsake provides the momentum and critical mass to transform each $20
donation into millions, thereby having a real impact
on girls’ lives.     

Forgirlsake provides a unique vehicle for harnessing the creative energy and enthusiasm
of women committed to building a better world by benefiting girls in need. Rather than
simply writing a cheque, women can become active participants in fundraising efforts
without having to build a charitable organization from scratch. By coming together through
Forgirlsake, women can make their own individual contribution while leveraging the support
of a larger umbrella organization to decide how their money will be spent and see the
tangible results of their efforts.

Forgirlsake advocates the creation of grassroots groups, ideally of at least ten women,
who in turn are each responsible for raising $400 by collecting $20 from 20 people. The end
result is that each group raises a minimum of $4,000 – a substantial sum. And rather than
disappear into the bowels of a sprawling organization, these funds are transformed into a
new classroom in Afghanistan or a library in India. Forgirlsake functions as an umbrella,
offering each group the use of its name, which can be used to help with fundraising, and its
website, where groups will post information about their chosen charities as well as pictures
of what their fundraising has achieved.

In the last nine years we have raised over $80,000 mostly through donations under $50,
and supported schools and girls in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Peru. We thank
all our individual donors and partners. And we welcome you to join our efforts or make
recommendations of projects to fund. For information on how to support or partner with
Forgirlsake, please contact us at