Athletics-Based Fundraising is a Winning Strategy!

Our Forgirlsake community — those of you who’ve followed, participated, and donated — may be wondering: What’s up with all the FGS athletic events? Why not just send out an appeal letter and be done with it? To paraphrase the famous Cindy Lauper lyric, “Girls (and women) just want to have fun!” and there is serious fun to be had when we pair the athletics women love with a way to support education for at-risk girls in developing nations. The Forgirlsake mission resonates with our audience of well-informed, internationally-aware women, many of whom participate in one or more sports or physical activities on a regular basis. From walking to yoga to tennis, our supporters love to move!

One successful event in our annual lineup is the Forgirlsake Tennis Open (FGSO), held each September at Newton North High School, outside of Boston, MA. It’s both competition and party, with trophies, prizes, food and beverage sponsors, designer swag, sports massage, photo ops, all wrapped into a five hour event where dozens of local women’s doubles teams connect to enjoy a tournament for a cause. We couldn’t do it without a diverse array of volunteers and boosters — local media and merchants, area tennis pros, girls‘ high school tennis team volunteers, a dedicated FGSO Committee, the City of Newton, along with the Newton North Athletics Department. Importantly, our volunteer-run sports-based fundraising model means that 100% of proceeds go towards the projects Forgirlsake is supporting.

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 FGSO is cancelled. See you in 2021!


FGSO Committee: Deb Cronin, Noura Guermazi, Emilie Kendall, Sami O’Reilly and Stephanie Zelman

Special thanks to Rachel Martin Photography, our official event photographer. Previous photography generously donated by Debbie Helbing and Cheryl Clegg. Much appreciation goes to Lisa Rinkus, for public relations, as well as to our videographer, Emma Freter, and Reflection Films. We’d also like to thank Red Spot Printing for their continued support. 

Forgirlsake Women’s Doubles Tennis Open (FGSO)
2021 Registration Form Coming Soon