Forgirlsake provides a unique vehicle for harnessing the creative energy and enthusiasm of girls and women committed to building a better world by benefiting girls in need. Rather than simply writing a check, anyone can become an active participant in our organization. Whether it be inviting friends to a 10K walk in Melbourne, Australia or offering a Candlelight Yoga Benefit Class in Massachusetts, Forgirlsake encourages women and girls around the world to be creative in how they can combine what they love to do with fundraising.

For over ten years, Forgirlsake donors and organizers have raised over $150,000 from thousands of people. Small donations add up to make a big difference in a girl’s life. Please contact us with your fundraising ideas!

If you are interested in organizing an event to support Forgirlsake, please reach out today!

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Lila Feldman’s Bat Mitzvah Fun Run and raises $10,000!

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Co-Founder Stephanie Zelman joins volunteers at the 10K Walk in Melbourne, Australia.


Co-Founder Michele Mani with Photographer Warren Zelman at the Sega Art Exhibit.