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What do high school students in Australia, the US and Canada all have in common? They have taken the initiative to create events or programs to help educate girls around the world. Forgirlsake strongly supports “girls helping girls” and admires the leadership qualities that are shown by our young fundraisers.

Girls at Alphington Grammar School in In Melbourne, Australia came up with the concept of “Christmas in August” and organized a variety of activities such as a photo booth, a lucky dip, and coloring and trivia competitions to raise funds for Forgirlsake and build awareness about the importance of girls education. The Forgirlsake Club was formed at Hanover High in Hanover, New Hampshire, where girls have held bake sales to support Forgirlsake projects. Trafalgar School for Girls “Sisters for Sisters” Program in Montreal, Quebec planned ice cream sundae and pajama fundraisers to purchase items such as dictionaries, globes, and atlases for the Sega Girls School in Tanzania. As the Trafalgar Sisters Committee states, “Although we are thousands of miles apart, we work every week to uphold our connection.”

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If you are a student and would like to organize an event at your school to support Forgirlsake, please reach out today!

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