Hurray Forgirlsake supporters! If we are sounding gleeful, then, yes we are! Can you believe that seven quick years have passed since we launched the first annual FGSO Tennis FUN-raiser? What started as wishful thinking after a ladies doubles match has blossomed into a highly-anticipated tournament/women’s tennis products and services showcase/pop up shopping village, and overall joyful community celebration.

On September 24th, 2019, the Forgirlsake Women’s Doubles Open raised over $10,000 for girls’ health and menstrual education!

How do we pull off a full day of competitive doubles team tennis fundraising at a local high school venue? So much coordination to make the day go smoothly! So much prayer to the weather goddess! In the end, it boils down to our FGSO players and volunteers and their love of community and desire to serve — magical ingredients that when combined with their passion for tennis, effervesces into success!

So here’s to you! Kudos to your athletic tennis skills, your keen eye for a good time, and gratitude for your willingness to open your wallets for a world-changing cause. We encourage you to read about how your valuable donated dollars are being put to work by reading about our 2020 Project in Uganda.

Special thanks to Rachel Martin for catching our players in action! To see all the shots, including all our fabulous pop-up sponsors, visit here.

Players, Volunteers and Sponsors: We Love You! Come join us again on September 12, 2020!