Kisaruni Girls School Library, Kenya

In 2009, Forgirlsake worked with Free the Children (now to help build the library at a girls’ school under construction in Maasai Mara. The goal was to raise $5,000 to furnish the library with books, desks, and shelves. Forgirlsake raised $9,600, and was also able to contribute to the building structure itself. This project not only benefits the girls who attend the school, but also the community, who will have access to the library.

For centuries Mara has been the home to two tribes, the Kipsigi and Maasai people. Through the construction of a central girls’ high school and library, not only does the girls’ education become a priority, so too does the regions sense of community for the tribes people. Kipsigi and Maasai girls from over nine neighboring communities are benefiting from the new secondary school.

Founded in 1995, WE sees education as a catalyst that breaks the cycle of poverty and transforms communities. Without secondary school, girls in this area are expected to marry early — as early as 13 years of age they work hard to carry firewood and bring water to their humble homes. It is rare for girls to have the opportunity to grow beyond this lifestyle and become professional who can lead their communities into the future. The young women from across the Maasai Mara who receive scholarships from WE are passionate about learning, pursuing further education, and perhaps most of all, are committed to being a generation of learners with the ability to lead change in their communities.

What’s happening now?

Seven years ago, WE, along with the local community members, government officials and their partners gathered to begin building the first all girls high school. Since 2014, 84 girls have graduated, 50% of them received full government scholarship towards university tuition, and 100% went on to postsecondary education. We are so glad to know that our help in building the school library has contributed to the success of these girls. For more information on the Kisaruni School, visit