Not Your Mama’s Tennis Tournament! That’s the takeaway from the 5th Annual Forgirlsake Women’s Doubles Tennis Open (FGSO) held on September 16, 2017 at Newton North High School, MA, USA. In a fun, fast-paced round robin format with multiple opportunities to win, 40 doubles teams competed in glorious late summer weather, surrounded by Forgirlsake supporters.

“What an amazing event!” “This is so much fun!” “What a great cause!” And indeed, the FGSO has blossomed into a signature fundraising event that showcases local women’s and high school girls’ tennis talent, with winning trophies, action photography and a packed raffle filled with beauty, fitness and fashion prizes. But what sets this tournament apart are all the extra touches — local tennis coaches who volunteer to warm up the players before their matches, physical therapists from Spaulding Outpatient Center on site with group stretching routines and complimentary massages, free healthy snacks and beverages provided by Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Vitamin 1, and a mini tennis trade show courtside for players to shop after their matches including Boston Ski & Tennis fashion and gear, Touchstone Crystal jewelry, and FGS tennis towels and T’s.

It’s a charity sporting event wrapped up in a party! Mark your calendars for same time next year, we can’t wait!

Photography by Rachel Martin. Click here to see all photos.

Sooooo fun to win!


The Spaulding Outpatient Center “Get Moving” Warm Up


Organizer, Sami, has it covered!


Smiles on and off the court!


Session one players, you rock!


Thanks to our tennis warm up coaches!


Bling by Touchstone Crystal

Nice toss!

We got this!

Eye on the ball!

Engraved stemless wine glasses for the winners. Cheers!

Congrats Saru and Marie!

Congrats Claire and Jennifer!

Congrats Karen and Amy!

So ready!

Catching up between matches

Nice bend!

PT Jayne from Spaulding offers the best advice!

Great focus!

We love our Newton North and South High School team volunteers!

Yeah, I’m ready for you!

Session two players, an awesome bunch!

A great shot!

Happy handshakes


Got it!

Do they ever stop laughing?

Woohoo we won!

Congrats Merril and Sara!

Congrats Simone and Meg!

Congrats Larisa and Alla!

The FGSO Crew

No getting past these two!

Good one!

Ready at net!

You go girl!

Tennis Team girls played this year!

Power AND grace!


See you all next year!